Dealing with Depression

This site is an attempt to spread an understanding of Depression, for the people who suffer it and for those who live with sufferers. The intention is to present the thoughts and experiences of people who have been through depression, and to try and present a coherent model of what it is and what can be done about it.

The aim of this site is to help people deal with depression as well as is possible. Because most people don't have any real understanding of what depression is and how it affects people, when someone develops depression they have no idea what to do. In many cases they don't even realise that there's anything wrong - since no one knows what goes on in anyone else's head, they often assume that their experiences are perfectly normal. Or they may think that their depression is an indication that there's something faulty about them, that they're somehow worthless or defective.

Depression is an illness - it's not a moral failing or an indication that the sufferer is somehow less than worthwhile. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be understood by many people, both sufferers and those who deal with sufferers. If we can help people understand this simple fact then this site will have been worth the effort.

Depression is an illness - it's not normal to feel low every single day of your life, to the point where it feeds on itself and becomes soul-destroying. Realising this is fundamental to dealing with depression - until you accept that something is wrong, you can't do anything about it.

Ultimately, you have to understand what is going on before you can deal with it effectively. That understanding is what this site is dedicated to.

There'll be some content when we manage to get some stuff written . . . ;-)

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