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KBB: An open source Bulletin Board project created because the UBB board we were using at Keenspot.com was buggy.

This is the home page for the KBB (Keen Bulletin Board) project that was started when we decided that UBB was too buggy to be serviceable for an extended period of time. After loseing several threads due to some internal problems with UBB it was decided (general concensus) that we should attempt to create our own bulletin board system. The development list is a mailing list for the KBB. Feel free to sign up and voice your ideas, opinions, and or flaunt your programming skills by helping us code it. You can contact either through the KBB mailing list, or join us at #kbb on the Dal.net servers. The current design doc is at 'kbb-design txt' feel free to post updates and changes to it at kbb@himi.org. Also post there if you have or would like to creat the FAQ or have suggestions for the website.


2000-12-5. Posted by himi

I've put up the HTML::Template documentation now - it's just the pod documentation run through pod2html . . .

2000-11-30. Posted by himi

Who's doing what . . .

A rough guide to who's doing what:
Backend/infrastructure code: himi
KBB Code parsing and HTML generation: gwalla
CGI scripts: schissel
User data/profiles: Consul
Home page: Samalander
CVS/mailing list/webhost admin: himi

website design by Samaladner

images by . . . ?

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