Some Pictures for your viewing pleasure . . .

The Cats . . .


Sepa was the oldest of our cats for a long time - boss-cat for the house, and very much aware of it. Unfortunately, she died around November 2001, when a large and very stupid dog decided to ignore the fact that our yard is someone else's territory . . .

She's very much missed.

Sepa, the late Queen of the Fowler household.


Hatty is my sister's cat - she's about seven or eight months old in this picture, from December 2000. She looks adorable, but she's got a habit of biting, and she can be very painful to deal with sometimes. Lovable too, though . . .

Hatty - looking adorable because she isn't biting you ;-)


Me . . .

Hey, you asked for it . . .
No, not you - you, the one in silly shirt! ;-P

From New Years 2000 - I do normally look that ridiculous, so if you ever meet me, look for the big mop of hair and unkempt beard ;-)

Me . . . And you /did/ ask ;-P

And now a much older one - this is from some time before 1995, and the cat on the plate is Sepa. And her human is me, so please stop laughing ;-P

The Cat on the Plate.


The Mob . . .

This is the rest of the family . . . From left to right, moi, Kylie, Ivan, Leonie, and Mum (known to others as Hilary ;-).

Yes, that's them Officer . . . ;-)


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