wmacpi-ng: A battery monitor dockapp for ACPI based systems.

wmacpi-ng is a Window Maker dockapp, based on Tim Copperfield's wmacpi 1.34.

It started out as some hacking to make wmacpi-1.34 work with a current (2.5.7x) development kernel, and then proceeded to grow into an almost complete rewrite - the diff between wmacpi 1.34 and wmacpi-ng 0.90 is about 3300 lines, which is more lines than are in either package.



Started on AC
Started on AC power, with a fully charged battery.
After unplugging the
After pulling the AC power cord out.
This is a Fujitsu Lifebook p2120 with two high capacity batteries - phear my battery life! ;-)
Charging the battery
After plugging the power cord back in - the time displayed is the time left until the battery is fully charged.


Download the latest version from here.

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